Truly You

There’s no conventional way to be authentic and remarkable. It’s an art and a science. It takes courage and guidance. I am here to help you:


in a way only YOU can


  • Wellness & Performance
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Teaching & Facilitation


I developed  the Interconnected Process™ over the course of my 20 year multi-sectoral & multi-dimensional career in which I have served hundreds of clients. I use the paradigm shifting model universally across my work to foster authentic growth for individuals, couples, families, organizations & communities across the lifespan as well as larger networks and systems. It’s process oriented, ecosystem driven, generative, and co-creative rather than prescriptive.

My clients are:


Is the life you’re living truly YOU?
Is your business truly YOU? Are you loving it? Are you truly YOU in your family & community?
If you answered NO to any of these questions, you’re probably tired of the status quo. You may be realizing there’s no one size fits all solution to get you the success, fulfillment and happiness you seek. Yet from the time you’re born, you’ve been put into one box or another and taught some version of this: if you do x, if you become y, you’ll have z. Perhaps you’ve spent a good amount of time in life trying to fit inside those boxes or trying to get out of them to make the success formula work. There’s another way.
My work is born out of my deep desire to re-imagine the human experience as authentic and interconnected.