Radical Care

I offer a range of services to support healthy growth & development across the lifespan for individuals, families, organizations, communities & the professionals who serve them.

I care deeply about your health and wellness, and that of your family, your organization & your community.

It takes an ecosystem, not a village.

Sick and tired of being sick & tired?

My clients are:


Wrap Around Support & Individualized Services

Wellness Services

Doula Services

Coaching Services


Professional Development & Training



Cross-Stakeholder Engagements

My Approach

My work is born out of my deep desire to re-imagine the human experience. At the core of my approach is an interconnected way of working that I call the Interconnected Process.™ When radical care is growth focused and takes into account all aspects of the human experience from the individual to the collective, change and transformation become more sustainable.

The Interconnected Process™ is an open model for caring engagements across the life span for individuals, couples, families, organizations, communities, larger networks and systems. It’s process oriented, ecosystem driven, generative, and co-creative rather than prescriptive. There is no “success formula” or one way to thrive. I use this paradigm shifting approach universally across my work which helps clients thrive in all dimensions in their own unique ways. I developed this approach over the course of my 20 year multi-sectoral & multi-dimensional career in which I have served hundreds of individuals, families & organizations.

My journey of growth & transformation…

Toxic jobs, toxic people & one health crisis after another…