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I provide wrap around support to individuals, families & organizations to help sustain the growth necessary for change.

Growing a business & growing a family are more similar than they are different. One need not come at the cost of another, and becoming successful need not come at the cost of your integrity.

The Interconnected Process™

At the core of my approach is an interconnected way of working that I call the Interconnected Process™ because growth is a universal process. I strive to unlock strategies for growth at every level of the human experience – what occurs on an individual level is not separate from that which occurs collectively.  Without growth, change and transformation are not sustainable.
The Interconnected Process™ is an open model for any engagement across the life span for individuals, couples, families, organizations, communities, larger networks and systems. It’s process-oriented, generative, and co-creative rather than prescriptive. There is no “success formula” or one way to live, love & lead into the future. I use this paradigm shifting approach universally across my work which helps clients thrive in all dimensions. I developed this approach over the course of my 20 year multi-sectoral & multi-dimensional career in which I have served hundreds of individuals, families & organizations. My work is born out of my deep desire to re-imagine the human experience.

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It takes an ecosystem, not a village.

Get the support you need now to live, love & lead your new vision.

Growing personally and professionally?

If you are looking to improve your health, effectiveness & deepen your authenticity let’s chat about my specialized coaching process.

Growing in a helping professions?

If you are looking to expand how you help your clients grow & thrive, while making room for your own growth & thrivelihood, let’s talk.

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Holistic & comprehensive education for the whole family

Bringing together emerging paradigms across disciplines

Full Spectrum Doula Services

My journey of growth & transformation…

Toxic jobs, toxic people & one health crisis after another…

We’re at a point in our human story where intergenerational patterns are being challenged profoundly as new paradigms of living, loving & leading are emerging – opening up opportunities for deeper embodiment, expanded possibilities and increasing fulfillment. Any process of growth requires us to bring ourselves fully to the process, integrating the personal and the professional rather than compartmentalizing them. Unfortunately, all too often people are faced with choosing one over the other, or having to sacrifice one for the other. It’s an all too common dance that has lived on through the generations.