Truly You

It’s your calling. Only you can answer it.


in a way only YOU can…

It takes courage to TRULY be you in all aspects of your life. There is no one way to do it, no one size fits all success formula.

Is the life you’re living truly YOU?

Is your business truly YOU? Are you loving it?
Are you truly YOU in your family & community?
If not, what would it take to make a shift?

My clients are:



My Approach

My work is born out of my deep desire to re-imagine the human experience as an authentic and integral one. At the core of my approach is an interconnected way of working that I call the Interconnected Process.™ I developed this approach over the course of my 20 year multi-sectoral & multi-dimensional career in which I have served hundreds of individuals, families & organizations.

The Interconnected Process™ is an open model for engagement across the lifespan for individuals, couples, families, organizations, communities, larger networks and systems. What occurs on an individual level is interlinked that which occurs collectively, and this is the first open model of its kind to hold space for it all. It’s process oriented, ecosystem driven, generative, and co-creative rather than prescriptive. There is no “success formula” or one way to thrive. I use this paradigm shifting approach universally across my work which helps clients thrive in all dimensions in their own unique ways.

My Story

Toxic jobs, toxic people & one health crisis after another…